Elixir yak-shaving

I’ve finally decided to look into Elixir. I know I will love it! I have started doing the Elixir Koans

But the yak-shaving has already taken over. I haven’t even completed the first koan yet. Instead, I have:

  • Made a pull request to update a link on the Elixir homepage pointing to a site taken over by spam.
  • Noticed that I don’t have a good editor for Elixir
  • Decided to try out Neovim as a replacement for my Vim setup
  • Discovered Kitty and started trying it out as a replacement for Terminal.app (at home) and iTerm (at work)

But I’m having fun! And I will have some free time next week to dig deeper into all of these things.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy