I’ve just updated a couple of my old personal project websites.

  • Twitter Sucks! – Upgraded all Ruby gems and got it working again. Updated CSS and picked newer fonts from Google Fonts.
  • Flittr = Flickr + Twitter – Upgraded three major versions of Rails and got it (almost) working again. Switched from the fleakr gem to the flickr gem. Right now, every tweet falls back to a lolcats image because the Yahoo! Term Extraction API no longer exists.

Both applications are currently running on Heroku’s free tier. Once I get them modernized enough I may move them to the “Hobby” tier. I also upgraded both from their ancient Cedar-10 stack.

I’m catching up on MacStories’s “iPad at 10” coverage from last month.

I keep coming across mentions of the original argument that the iPad is “just a bigger iPhone”. I always find that argument to be so strange, because the iPhone was a blockbuster category-defining device. I have never thought of the fact that an iPad is similar to a large iPhone as negative in any way. I also appreciate viewpoints like this one focused on accessibility that make it obvious that being like a bigger iPhone is an incredible advantage.

It’s funny how aggressively people in the tech media will dismiss something just because it’s not completely novel.

Anyway, 10 years later, I have finally gotten to the point where I don’t own a laptop and use an iPad for all my mobile computing tasks.

Been having fun the last couple days working on some Rails jobs that download multi-gigabyte gzipped tarballs via SFTP.

It’s been a fun challenge to avoid using a lot of RAM and disk space so that the jobs can easily run on our Heroku workers.