I'm doing fine

So after all that brouhaha I still managed to make it out unscathed, save for a couple hundred dollars in cash.

And one full day of bureaucracy later and I had already acquired my temporary driver license, my registration, my license tag, and my car inspection sticker, not to mention a brand-new 6-month car insurance plan.

And IKEA also failed to tell me that I was missing the midbeam for my bed, or the frame for my desk. I had my brothers stop at the Dallas IKEA to pick them up for me, only to find later that the table/desk top that they sold me was smaller than what I asked for. But I don’t have my receipt; it was in my lost wallet.

IKEA sucks

Austin, the person, has come down to Austin, the city, to visit. He’s looking for a good job down here. Finally he can live in himself. For now he lives on an inflatable mattress in my living room.

Other than that I’ve been working hard, since the next rev of Spiceworks is due out soon. This will be the first release with some of my code in it. I’m pretty excited about the feature I implemented. I think the users will notice it pretty quick. Can’t wait to hear the feedback.

But after my last post, where’s the adventure, you ask? Well today I was typing on my keyboard (as I often do at my job) and what looked to be a small roach ran around from behind my MacBook Pro and jumped on my arm. I also jumped. Looking closer, I saw that it was actually a very tiny gecko!

And if you’re wondering if this Gecko first sounded like Kelsey Grammar, then an RP Brit, then either a Cockney or an Australian (oh, the controversy), then you’d be disappointed. You see, he was much too small to make barely a peep. That didn’t stop him from running up and down the wall and behind my desk, however. And I got another brand of car insurance anyway.

If only I had setae

Grant Hutchins @nertzy