My comment featured on Signal vs. Noise

I was just featured as a good commenter on the popular blog Signal vs. Noise. 37signals is a pretty popular up-and-coming company that makes web-based software. They also created Ruby on Rails, the web framework that I’ve recently learned and actually made good use of recently, including on this Typo blog.

Anyway, sorry to bore you with all of that technical mumbo-jumbo. Here is the comment I posted:

I think that the competitive success of a good phone UI would be a watershed moment for interaction design. I feel like the general public would finally understand the idea that having lots of features is not what they want. I’m still shocked that none of the phone companies has stepped up and been bold enough to do it.

I really do think this is true. All of the cell phone companies are running around with their heads cut off not giving anyone what they really need.

There’s a reason my mom faithfully sticks to her old Motorola StarTac.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy