What is Swimming in the Earth?

Hello everyone.

Welcome to Swimming in the Earth, my new blog. I will be posting anything and everything here. My other websites are linked at Grant Page Central.

I bet you’re wondering how I chose the name Swimming in the Earth.

A couple weeks ago, I was in class here at Olin College. The class was SCOPE, our team-based yearlong engineering capstone project, and we had a guest speaker talking about ethics.

To make a point about what words people associate with good ethics, the speaker asked, “When you die, what epitath would you want written on your gravestone?”

Without skipping a beat, I thought to myself, “He swam in the earth.”

I was really taken aback by this random thought. I knew exactly what it meant to me, but as an image I’m not sure it fully conveys its point. Indeed, it invites the joke that my dead body would be “swimming” in the earth of the grave.

But I’ve gone off-topic.

Swimming in the earth is my way of explaining the concept of living life to its fullest. This planet has a lot to offer me in the short time I have here. If I don’t break some rules and get my feet wet I’ll have missed out on a lot of experiences.

Thus, I should go swimming in the earth. Right through the dirt. Through the sky. Through the water too, but that’s too easy. I should run around and sit still. Get comfortable and catch myself off guard.

And I’ll be writing all about it here. Technology, humor, politics, language, music, society. Anything is fair game. Please leave this blog better than you found it; comments graciously welcomed.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy