Iraq battle stress called "worse than WWII", but article never makes claim

This London Times article has the headline “Iraq battle stress worse than WWII”.

However, a quick reading of the article shows that at most the article claims that “troops in Iraq are suffering levels of battle stress not experienced since the second world war…” which doesn’t really justify the use of “worse”.

A better headline might have read “Iraq battle stress similar to WWII” or “Iraq battle stress at WWII levels”, even though even then there is no actual metric by which to compare the stress.

On a sidenote, I agree with the sentiments of this article, and have a newfound understanding as to why the United States consistently refuses to allow its citizens and soldiers to be answerable to the International Court of Justice. It’s one thing for your own country to try you under its laws after you serve it in war. It’s yet another to have to face an international body to which you have virtually no say.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy