Blogs try to malign Brit Hume's reaction to the 7/7 London attacks

Over at there is a video clip of Brit Hume reporting on Fox News and an accompanying post accusing him of being callous implying that he was callous [it is not explicitly stated, Ed.] in response to the 7/7 London bombings. I found this in a post from the Center for Media and Democracy.

The quote from Brit Hume is

“my first thought when I heard — just on a personal basis — when I heard there had been this attack and I saw the futures this morning, which were really in the tank, I thought, ‘Hmmm, time to buy.'"

The problem with the ensuing criticism of Hume is that the bloggers imply that Hume means that immediately upon hearing about the attacks, he thought about buying futures for his own personal financial gain. However, upon further inspection, Hume probably means to say that he knew about the bombings, and then immediately after seeing futures prices thought about purchasing them.

Either way, Hume’s comment shows that he believes that the British economy will remain strong in the face of these attacks. I find it hard to criticize him for his clearly personal remarks (which he denoted as such) given as a sidenote in response to a question about the attacks’ impact on the British economy.

On my own sidenote, I realize that this blog is pretty stagnant. I think I will evolve it into more of a free-form political and worldly discussion so that I don’t trap myself into only being able to post about logical fallacies. Sure, there are plenty of fallacies, but I don’t really have the time and ability to properly research and find them in the swaths of media I read every day.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy