I realize what I’ve been missing from Oklahoma.

The smell of the air at night after a hot day.  I can’t describe it, but it’s so crisp and rich and at the same time not at all thick.

And I also miss being able to see at night because the businesses keep their lights on in the parking lots.  The light pollution in Oklahoma City is incredible.  When you drive towards Oklahoma City at night, you can see the entire horizon lit up from tens of miles away.

We watched Loser at Meredith’s house.  The movie is cute and well-made.  It reminded me of summer in New York last year.

My girlfriend is really wonderful.  She came over to Olin while I was packing and kept me company even when it was about the most boring thing ever.  Never once complained even if I had to run off for an hour or two to go put stuff in storage while she waited and napped on a bed without sheets on it in the bright light while Dan also packed.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy