Time for a couple of updates from the Grant Hutchins camp.

First off, I’ve started a new blog, Grant’s Take, where I will post my skeptical analysis of articles that I read.  I have no agenda other than the new blog’s motto, “Question everything you read."

Second off, I just put the finishing touches on the three latest games on my Grant Bowls! page.  I have a new personal best!

Last, but not least, I randomly searched my name using Google Suggest today.  It turns out that as you type Grant Hutchins, the form autocompletes with “grant hutchins millionaire”.  I guess enough people have searched me looking perhaps for the video.  E-mail me if you want the link.

The second hit I got was my recent mention in Prism, the American Society for Engineering Education’s monthly journal.  I highly doubt that being on a has-been television show is some of the biggest engineering education news for April (especially considering the show aired the beginnning of February) but who’s counting?

I still don’t have a job but I’m trying several different ways to get the attention of employers.  I haven’t been outright rejected yet, but I’ve only received one actual offer, not really for a job but instead for volunteer work to do a new PBS show’s website.  I’m not really sure if doing that would be a horrible waste of my time or a great resume builder.

Here’s my profile on LinkedIn.  Please add me as a contact if you know me or have worked with me in the past.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy