My streak ended.  No, not that streak.  Maybe later for that one.

But anyway I forgot to post last night.  Yesterday I went shopping for some major school supplies, on the halfway day of the semester!

I also had my first 8 am class, which was wonderful!  I’m so excited about complex numbers.  I simply adore them.

Anyway, I went to the special collections at the library of Harvard’s Graduate School of Design.  Before we got into the library, we saw the best working environment I’ve seen in my life, a giant stairway of desks where people design architecture.  Imagine a grand staircase of open cubicles, with the newbies on the bottom and the PhD’s on top.  After we went into the library we saw a ton of stuff, such as hand-drawn plans for the St. Louis Arch and Gropius’s clipboard.  I held Gropius’s clipboard.  I simply love clipboards!  I bought another one at Staples today so that if I lose my current clippy I don’t have to fall behind in my classes!

And today I went to parties at Wellesley and briefly at Babson.  Had a lot of fun.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy