Today is my Xanga’s 250th day.  That’s right, it’s the “quarter mille”.

I finally did my laundry today.  I’ve been keeping myself busy enough that I have been way behind.

For my student government position I often administer surveys to various groups of students.  The other day I made three different mockups of a single survey I’m about to give to the entire student body.  I presented these mockups to my Human Factors: Interface Design class to let the students test them out.  I learned quite a lot from the process, and now I think the survey should be quite easy to take (once I implement the best suggestions from the class).

This monday, the Data Destruction Tour is coming to Boston.  The Data Destruction Tour is the only tour I know of that specializes in the tiny little subgenre of music known as lofi or 8bit or chiptunes or gamemusic or about a million other things.  The idea is to use 1980s computer technology or video game systems or similar sounding synthesis techniques to make music.  Hear some at  I have considered burning a few CDs of a some songs I have written in this style and giving them around to the people involved to sorta jab myself into the scene a bit.

From a email:

Mar 14th 2005 Data Destruction Tour 2005
artists: Nullsleep, Bit Shifter, Covox
venue: The Enormous Room, 567 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA, USA
start:  9:00pm
fee: 21+ no cover
more info:

Grant Hutchins @nertzy