I wonder if it will be a snow day.  The weather is completely horrible and miserable.  If it’s a snow day, it will have no impact on me, however, because I have no classes on Wednesday.

A snow day on any other day would help me catch up so much, but a Wednesday snow day does nothing for me.

I say “catch up” but I’m not too far behind on things.  I certainly have a lot going on, but when I sit down and think about it, they are moving along fine.  Some of my things could use some more enthusiasm, and the occasional jolt back into action, but really I am on top of most stuff right now.

We made a transistor radio in Analog and Digital Communications, hard-tuned to WEEI 850 AM sports radio.  The class is really starting to make a lot more sense these days.  It only makes me wish I could spend more time designing circuits or software for processing audio.  Designing audio filters, in hardware or in software, is one of my favorite activities.  Luckily, I’m majoring in the right thing, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy