Grant: “Why is J. Lo a popular singer?"
Dan: “Cause she’s got a nice ass."

Wow, thanks Dan.  Really classy.  That wasn’t what I meant.  Jennifer Lopez has an annoying nasal voice.  Her latest song has an annoying sax line.  I… secretly wish that I didn’t like it in a disturbing way.

I’m going dogsledding for the first weekend of Spring Break up in Maine.

I came up with a new way to make my todo list.  I put todo items up on Post-It notes on my wall.  The higher notes represent more important things I need to do, like get a job for summer.  The bottom notes are not important, such as fixing my digital camera.  That way I still see everything I have to do, but I don’t forget the important stuff.  I’ll tell you how it goes.  I think this will finally be the method I keep.

Today I stopped doing things for an hour.  It was splendid.  Since last Thursday, I hadn’t stopped for even ten minutes.  Constant activity, moving from class to party to class to meeting to meeting to the candidate’s weekend and back again.  Finally I can get some sleep.

Starting this Friday I will have an 8 am class, Complex Variables.  I’m actually really excited about Complex Variables.  They really come in handy for messing with audio signals.  But anyway this means that my first classes each day will look like this:

Monday 2 PM
Tuesday 8 AM
Wednesday (no class, nothing until CORe meeting at 6:30 PM)
Thursday 2 PM
Friday 8 AM

It doesn’t get any weirder than that.

Also, elections are going to be soon for CORe (The Council of Olin Representatives), so I will sadly give up my post as Vice Presdient of Communication.  I might run for another executive position, but I haven’t decided yet.  The CORe Digest is my baby!  I will miss it!

Grant Hutchins @nertzy