Hello everyone.  It’s been too long since I’ve posted.  The next installment of the Innermost Cabin stories is “Not a True Story”.  Enjoy.

I’m about to embark tomorrow morning on a grand trip from Oklahoma City to Los Angeles, for 22 hours.  I’m going with Drew, who lives out there with my friend Jon.  I will be flying back to Oklahoma City on the 18th.  I hope to bump into as many people in LA as I can.  I went last year but only knew three people from LA.  This year I know at least ten.

Other than that I’ve been reading V. by Thomas Pynchon.  I’ve finished The Crying of Lot 49 and will then move on to Mason & Dixon before tackling the grand-daddy Pynchon book of all time, Gravity’s Rainbow.  Wish me luck, this is not an easy task.

Austin and I continue our work on Gamecube games.  I have ordered the hardware that will allow me to load my code from an SD card, so everyone at Olin will finally get to see Snowlords in action!

Other than that I applied to some jobs at The MathWorks and Apple.  I will apply to some less ambitious places too so that I don’t yet again come up empty-handed.

My next computer will be a Mac, perhaps a G5 tower.  Mmm.

“Not a True Story”
Amanda Deinstadt
Kristina Putnam

This is not a true STORY
At ten of ten p.m. Me and my friend were eating raisins we both chocked!!
Lucky we didn’t die.
After that the disidid to go play and feed the brids. Then they went for a walk
in the woods They saw more brids. So they fed them. Amanda and Kristina both goth a big brid It bit off there hand! They still did not die.
They saw a werewolf. They both ran and ran. The werewolf finally goth them. He ate them!  In  15 years there were two girls the same age the died to the Same Way.
The End

Grant Hutchins @nertzy