I’m back in Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving.

Last night I went to Rima’s birthday party and saw some old faces.  Afterwards we watched Spongebob Squarepants: The Movie, and I believe I was the only person to laugh at the fact that the boss’s name is Eugene Krabs.  Eugene Krebs was a perrennial Socialist presidential candidate back around the 1920s.

Today we had early Thanksgiving in Enid.  We had some good lasagna.  Also, my grandfather gave us his 1985 Toyota Camry, which hit exactly 100,000 miles on the drive home.  I am considering taking it up to Boston, but it’s not looking too up to that task as of now.

Time for part two of the Innermost Cabin series.

Greg Miller
no date

The cabin is great, small, warm, quite, and peacefull. The trails long and spooky! nature just singing birds, the ruffles of the water the trees swaying back and forth, the wind blowing, deer running, and frogs jumping from lilypad to lilypad. Nature is great. Till the one eyed deer hunts you down and craps on you. So be aware of the dunt dunt dunnnnn the One Eyed Deer

Grant Hutchins @nertzy