Eyedropbc58: hey, is this grant?
Grant: yes this is
Eyedropbc58: thats good
Eyedropbc58: uh hello? hwy aren’t you talking?
Grant: I’m busily putting together the CORe Digest
Grant: who is this
Eyedropbc58: is there something u want to know about me?
Eyedropbc58: Please talk to me
Grant: Prove to me that you’re not a bot
Eyedropbc58: i thought so
Grant: Who programmed you?
Eyedropbc58: haha, FunnyMuffin.com has really funny pictures. have you ever been there?
Grant: oh yeah all the time… I go there to get my bikini line waxed.
Eyedropbc58: my name is ashley
Grant: Hello ashley, so what do you get accomplished by talking to me?
Eyedropbc58: me? no
Eyedropbc58: You have been talking to a computer! One of your friends is reading the whole conversation and laughing it up right now! GET EVEN! Have the bot talk to all your friends by visiting chattingaimbot.com
Grant: oh you don’t say

Grant Hutchins @nertzy