My luck continues to rise.  When I walked home from work today I found a Yamaha DX7 synthesizer with 61-key keyboard lying against a trash can to be thrown out.  I snagged it and left a note behind in case the person didn’t mean to throw it out.

Yamaha dx7

However, the state of the keyboard suggests it was ready to be thrown out.  For example, the power cable has come loose.

Dx7 broken wire

I am an electrical engineer, so this does not faze me in the slightest.  Soon I will grab a soldering iron and make it work to the best of my abilities.

Dx7 front

The Yamaha DX7 was a popular synthesizer of the 1980s, and make a lot of the defining sounds of eighties music.  Its quality isn’t wonderful, from what I’ve heard, but it’s a synthesizer nonetheless and I’m sure I can find good uses for it, especially as a keyboard controller for my computer music setup.

After I had spent hours waiting in the rain to get tickets to the Shakespeare in the Park show in Central Park, and after the rain fully cleared up, they cancelled the show.  However, before I got in line for standby tickets, I did manage to snap some pictures of a completely burnt car on the side of the road.

Burned car side

The flames completely destroyed the interior, leaving a metallic shell.

Burned car rear

Today I ate dinner outside on patio seating at Max SoHa, a most wonderful Italian restaurant less than a block from my apartment.

Max soha

The food is excellent and the atmosphere very comfortable and familial.

“SoHa” stands for “South of Harlem,” and we’ve similary named our startup synthesizer software company SoHa Sound Design, in reference to where the development actually took place.  We’re hoping to finish up a release candidate of the final synthesizer by the time I leave New York on August 11, and have a final 1.0 version ready for sale a few weeks thereafter.

Cagle and her friend come up to visit me for a few days on Wednesday and Dan comes up on Saturday, so my week should be filled with plenty of excitement.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy