Hello everyone.  Today I didn’t take any pictures, so I will pull some from my summer archives.

On June 26, 2004, several other Olin students and I toured the city.  I snapped this picture of the Empire State Building while laying down on the sidewalk:

Empire state bldg

On July 4, 2003, I found this abandoned building or parking garage in Brooklyn:

Bklyn bldg

The weather was beautiful today when I emerged from my apartment for the first time at about 8:00 to eat Subway sandwiches at Grant's Tomb.  On the way to Subway, I passed the General Grant Houses, which this picture from July 8, 2004, showcase in front of the elevated subway train just south of 125th Street and Broadway:

General grant houses

Tucker and I cook many of our meals, including this Thai chicken dish that Mara from downstairs helped us out with on June 16, 2004:

Thai chicken

Hopefully once the burners start burning again we will make some more meals, but the cooking has slowed down considerably in recent weeks.

Today I thought about how I don't watch much television and how many of my hobbies involve creating things.  I considered how much more fulfilling I find life when I have something concrete to reflect on from my past.

My friend Jon often complains that he has trouble finding things to do which don't involve "consuming", be it food or media or just generally spending money on useless things.  He genuinely means what he's saying, but more often than not he brings the concept up in a ploy to get the gang to do something we never would have otherwise, from inviting fifty people to a marshmallow roast in his backyard to Pong tournaments (with commentary from the announcer, of course) to a rousing game of croquet right before I left for New York City.

So my charge unto you the reader is:  go do something you haven't done before.  Make a kite and fly it.  Go shopping for antiques.  See if bread really does land on the floor butter side down every time.  Plant some flowers.

And please tell me what you did so that I can have more ideas.
Grant Hutchins @nertzy