This morning I was awakened by two Chinese men asking me if I had a “twisted pair wire cutter thing”, which meant an ethernet cable crimper.  One was the landlord and the other was the father of the two high school kids who will be moving into our apartment.  We networked the entire house today.

After that, Tucker baked some cookies using his old recipe from his mother.  We noticed a large bulge in the ceiling.


Looks like a leak from the floor above somehow.  Our apartment used to be three bedrooms, but two of the bedrooms were split with cheap fake walls, which were put right on top of the carpet.  Tucker slid a wire under the wall between our rooms when we wired the house up.  It’s nice to know that we can slide things to each other under the wall at any time.

I had a great Fourth of July!  I tagged along with Tucker and his friends and went to DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge) to watch purportedly the largest fireworks show in the nation.


You can see the Brooklyn Bridge right in front of the fireworks, which were a couple miles from us just south of the tip of Manhattan.

We were on some rocks right next to the Brooklyn-side pylon of the Manhattan Bridge:

The skyline looked like this:

Today I downloaded Fahrenheit 9/11 after I read that Michael Moore doesn’t care if people pirate his movie.  I will watch it soon, probably with my friend Mara from downstairs.  I previewed the first few minutes and found a lot of hype without a lot of argument, as I expected.  You can download Fahrenheit 9/11 too, while supplies last. (UPDATE: you will need BitTorrent in order to download it, and this version is missing about 20 minutes concerning the Patriot Act)

The only things I ate today were several of Tucker’s cookies and a bowl of Chilled Gazpacho soup from Josie’s.  Tomorrow might be another Taco Bell day.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy