Hello everyone and welcome to New York City.

You’re on 123rd Street between Amsterdam and Broadway:
My building

You approach 522 W 123rd St., affectionately known as “The Lorraine”
The lorraine

Why it’s named The Lorraine I will never know.  No other building anywhere near has a name.  After going up a couple flights of stairs you find yourself in Apt. 3W and enter.

You stop by the kitchen:
Sky is falling

You look up at the ceiling:
Ceiling collapse

You notice that something doesn’t look right, and it’s not just that the light fixture is an uncovered power-saving fluorescent bulb that is connected by thinly insulated wires which go right behind the electrical sockets and are held to the side of the wall by metal screws through the insulation which are painted white.  Those bulbs are in the other rooms.  The kitchen has a problem all its own.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy