I told myself I would never stoop to such a level as having a website I didn’t code myself.  But then I succumbed.

Dan told me that in order to have a good blog I can’t just talk about what I’ve been up to.  I need to talk about the ideas I’m having and try to make my blog something worth reading.  Challenge accepted.

My first big idea:  I’ve tried to eliminate my usage of exclamation points recently.  I realized that if what I’m saying needs an exclamation point in order to get its point across, I haven’t written it effectively.  I often catch myself putting exclamation points on every other sentence of emails I write, especially the CORe Digest.  I might leave them in for the CORe Digest since I’m not exactly going to take the trouble to strip them out by hand from what people send me.

If you’re not from Olin you probably don’t care one bit about the CORe Digest.  For the curious, I put out a weekly email newsletter to the campus as part of my role on the student government.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy