Too much going on!

So far this week, I have slept through my business class, I have prepared and performed PCR to sequence my own DNA, I have been trained by an improv comedy professional, I have gone to a class at an all-girls school, I have visited a sleep lab and tried on equipment, I have given a presentation at the faculty meeting, I have participated in a discussion about the entire curriculum of my school, I have chatted at length with the CEO of a small biotech company, and I have run a planning meeting for the student politics organization of my school, of which I am the president.

This school has to be the strangest place on Earth.

I should be working on my Circuits lab to make white noise, or writing an article for the school newspaper, or writing some reflections for Business, or for Design, or I could finally get around to declaring my major, which I decided on years ago, or I could...

go to sleep.

And yes, this webpage does still exist.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy