This webpage is officially back in action! That's right, Brian and Sheeva, this page is turning over a new leaf and providing actual content starting right now!

I wrote a Gamecube game with tkcne, also known as Austin. It is called Snowlords and it is based on the Atari 2600 game Warlords. The release was made official in #gcdev on EFNet and spread to websites such as and Maybe one of these days we'll get a screenshot. Today I searched for Snowlords on Google and found that there are two different French-language sites featuring our game! Check them out here and here! Each has its own translation! A longer translation from the second site can be found in the Google cache.

BSE stands for Best Semester Ever and is the club that Dan, Chris, and I started. It essentially involves getting out of Olin more often. I'll try to keep up with pictures. We went to the Lovewhip show at Bill's Bar and had a grand old time. Lovewhip features Olin's own AV Technician Warren Jones (alias "Wojo") on saxophone, keyboards, and telephone rap. I earned the nickname "John Travolta" over at IT.

My Wellesley class starts on Friday. I can't wait! I have Cognition with visiting professor Jesse Hochstadt. It's in the same room as Dan's Japanese class, and starts five minutes after he is let out.

Normalform is back up! Check out the new sections! Jon is leaning on my shoulder in the second T-shirt pic. You can see the "Do Something" Olin T-shirt's sleeve.

My sophomore design group will be researching people who suffer from sleep disorders and the people who treat them. Tomorrow we're going to visit a sleep center nearby and ask some questions and observe.

I bought the Spike Jonze DVD. More on that later.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy