Quick and dirty and lazy update

deklab: yo
deklab: whats the latest
nertzy: yo
nertzy: hmm
nertzy: I'm going to www.econference.org
nertzy: in a couple weeks
deklab: cool
nertzy: and the valentine dance is in a week
deklab: rock
nertzy: oh boy a valentine dance with 75 people
deklab: picked out the lucky lady?
nertzy: hehe not yet
nertzy: we'll see
nertzy: so many options
nertzy: you know the thing you touch and it makes your hair stand on end?
nertzy: electric big zapper deal
deklab: haha yeah
nertzy: Van de Graaff generator
deklab: sure
nertzy: well my class project right now is to build one
nertzy: after that we'll do some simple circuits
nertzy: then after that... we're supposed to design a product that uses wireless
nertzy: oh and it appears I'll be teaching electricity stuff to like 4th and 5th
         graders for community service every other week or so
deklab: hahaha
nertzy: hmm what else
nertzy: tomorrow is the big math competition
nertzy: from thurs to mon me and the other girl on my team will get a problem of
         the world and we have to solve it with math
nertzy: and write up a paper
nertzy: last year one of the problems was "fix airlines overbooking"
deklab: :)
Grant Hutchins @nertzy