Long week.

This week, I

  • worked on a film crew for a live telecast to the Undersecretary of the Army and fourteen other VIPs.
  • bought approximately thirty CDs for a dollar each.
  • found out my friend Jon is going to the Sundance Film Festival.
  • renewed the registration of a domain name.
  • rearranged the furniture in my new room.
  • baked a pizza.

Last Saturday I woke up nine hours earlier than usual and went to the Oklahoma National Guard 45th Infantry Brigade headquarters with Jon to pull cable and do other grunt work for a live broadcast (narrowcast?) to fifteen VIPs from Washington, including the Undersecretary of the Army. The troops were engaged in war games, teamed up with the Little Rock and Tulsa National Guard brigades to do tank battle against a common enemy simulated by computer. The point of the whole deal was for a fiber-optics company to show its worth to the higher-ups and get a hefty government contract to fiber up the country. And I made fifty bucks off of it.

CD Warehouse, based out of Oklahoma, is going out of business. They have to clear out all their merchandise so the CDs were only a dollar each. Jon Denmark, Jon Hutchins, and I cleaned out the place. Actually some other guy helped clean out the place when he bought nearly three hundred Latin albums. Anyway, I now have thirty discs more than before.

Jon is headed to the Sundance Film Festival! On two days’ notice, he’s headed to sunny California to meet with Jesse and drive to also sunny Utah. There he will watch several independent films and attend several parties and just in general do a lot of schmoozing. I know it will be great and he’ll have plenty to talk about.

Stargate, Inc. sells domain names for only eight dollars a year. If you want one, they’re so cheap it’s almost worth grabbing a couple. Jon nabbed normalform.com again. I’m mulling over getting one myself. The other Grant lists several interesting domain names that have no owner.

My room now has the bed and television switched, among other things. Right in time for me to fly home this Monday! Now I can finally finish setting up my new room and sit back to enjoy it for an hour or so.

Austin and I made a pizza at Jon's house last night. I said “bake” and he said “broil”. The jury is still out on that, but I still think that it came out well after being baked for about eighteen minutes. What do you want on your Tombstone? We had pepperoni.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy