That’s all you see at the Super Wal-Mart up on Danforth in Edmond, OK. Just go there and check it out. It seems like an entire quarter of the store has bikes hanging from the ceiling. I don’t know what the deal is. I guess Christmas was filled with sedentary gifts this season.

The movie has been shot. Not like with a gun but like with a Arriflex Camera (made in Western Germany). Everything went well, although we stayed up until 5:00 finishing. We even ordered a pizza at 2 in the morning from a place that offers baklava and milkshake delivery as well.

We watched the entire movie Backdraft between the first and second shots of the day, thus creating the new unit of time, the backdraft, equal to 132 minutes. We spent 7.5 backdrafts filming. You do the math.

I shot two hours of behind-the-scenes video footage and took about three hundred photos, which I just uploaded to my computer. Needless to say this was a well-documented venture.

The day after shooting, Jon, Austin, Lauren, Jesse, Farah, and I ate at the Chuck House, the best place to get a Chicken Fried Steak Dinner for about five dollars. Yes, five dollars. You know it’s quality when you have to order over a telephone at your table. For some reason, Jesse's phone was wired to the PA system. Farah played some early electronic music for me in the car and after we saw her off, the rest of us waited about thirty minutes in a Walgreen’s parking lot as Jesse complained to the managers and whoever about the scratched negatives on his pictures.

After that I had dinner with Stephanie at Ted’s Café Escondido, the best place to eat in Oklahoma City. This ’hidden cafe” has the best Mexican food you can find, which would blow the minds of the New England types I’m consistently surrounded by. It also blew my insides when mixed with a Chicken Fried Steak Dinner. Well, not really, but that’s a lot of food for one night.

My grandmother came down yesterday to help us move stuff between my old room and my new upstairs room. Now all that’s left is to do is move my bed and put a million things in their places.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy