Monkey ball

These two words have dominated the previous week. As Jon was out of town, the gang and I have found it necessary to find new places to hang out. Monkey Ball and Monkey Ball 2, both by SEGA and for the Nintendo GameCube, have been crowd favorites. Anyone who’s buying any GameCube games anytime soon, get three for the price of two over at Amazon using this coupon. Just thought you should know.

Well Christmas happened. If you ask Austin, and I know you will, there were two christmases. “Christmas 2” was at Jesse's dad's house. And yes, they are Jewish, so it really wasn't Christmas at all, but this is Austin we're talking about. Anyway, Austin, Jiongyi, and I ate an eighteen-pound turkey over there (not seventeen-pound as earlier advertised). A@ron, Jesse’s brother, continually called Jiongyi “TC”, since he only ever knew of TC. Anyway eventually a ton of gravy spilled onto Jesse and, well, that changed the course of dinner substantially. Check out the picture from Austin’s site, “and then...”.

Other than that we held a more traditional Christmas at my house this year, albeit traditional doesn’t describe this one well. My cousin Nick played guitar, my brother Jon or I would play bass guitar, and my brother Kyle or I would play drums as Nick, my mother, or at one point a good portion of my aunts would sing the lyrics to Nirvana’s “In Bloom”. Yes, really. On Christmas.

If you want to be all superficial about Christmas, I got clothes and money. For once I realize that these are really what I want.

My life is slowly being sucked away by Linux. I have been optimizing my Gentoo Linux installation a lot over the last few days. Gentoo is wonderful. I compiled everything, starting with the compiler, so I know each program is fully optimized for my system. Also, installation is a breeze since I only need type emerge <progname> in order to install anything. Once I can find a way to update my web site in Linux, there will be a lot more updates to this site.

Last night we played poker to celebrate Jon’s return from Seattle. Everyone was there and we started out with 5 draw and 7 stud. After a while we tired of throwing around so many cards and instead settled on Texas Hold’em. I highly suggest Texas Hold’em as a more pleasurable poker experience.

I’m going to make a DJ mix. I think I might burn it to a CD. I might even give out a few copies. I don’t know.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy