Back home.

Oklahoma, that is. I’ve seen a bunch of people so far. I haven’t seen Erin, Jim, and Heather for quite a while. We haven’t done much yet. Jon Denmark went to Washington, which has created a power vacuum as no one knows whose house to go to anymore. I’ve invited a bunch of people over here tomorrow.

My brother Jon and I traded rooms today. I now live upstairs and have inherited a conglomerated mess of old things that have passed down from me to Kyle to Jon and back to me. Sifting through old things has revealed lots of things like the prissy little journal book that my piano teacher gave to me years ago and has been sitting in the bottom drawer for nearly a decade.

Also found today was the VTech Video Painter. This device allows one to draw on his television. Tucker and I used it to make movies back in about fourth grade. Such classics as “Spacekids—The Final Generation”, “Jon: The Movie starring Jon Hutchins” and “Spacekids II—Journey to Triethyl” captivated audiences of my immediate family and neighbor friends for many years. We would draw each frame and then record it onto the VCR, adding a soundtrack later on a cassette tape. Well beyond our years. Perhaps the most epic of them all was “Giraffic Park”.

Every time I come back from Olin Jiongyi, Austin, and I talk about playing poker. Maybe it will happen tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Jon, Jesse, and crew are working on filming a short. Watch for it. It involves mystery, death, blood, and deception. In fact you might say it involves Murderous Deception. Be sure not to miss it.

Jim wanted me to write about how we went to go see the new skate park but didn’t skate on it and also how we went to the Taco Cabana and also how we went to go eat dinner tonight at the Delta Cafe and ate for free because Erin works there. I had my beloved Fried Corn on the Cob. Happy, Jim?

Grant Hutchins @nertzy