Oklahoma in 2 days

I poked around on the Internet a lot these last few days of freshman semester I. The first oddity I came across was Splorp. I have been thinking of doing an independent study / passionate pursuit (as we call them) on typography. Essentially I’ve been considering designing my own font and getting some side credit for it. Well after casually browsing I found this Splorp site which is a blog of a certain Grant Hutchinson. Grant Hutchinson who has made fonts and is interested in several things I am also interested in. Grant Hutchinson who brags that he is number one when you search for “Grant Hutchinson” on Google. It so turns out that I am the number one result for the “Grant Hutchins” search on Google. Needless to say he will be receiving an email in his inbox shortly relating to this matter.

The scary thing is that this isn’t the first time I’ve run into this strange doppelganger phenomenon. A few years back when I was considering becoming a Japanese translator, I found a Grant Hutchins who lives in Oregon and is a Japanese translator. Needless to say I feel less unique when I find these people.

Another oddity I’ve found is this shoddy college report on medieval British literature that stole the image of Olin’s campus. Why did this person decide to steal an image from our website and reassign the Academic Center as a Beowulf museum? Since when is the Campus Center a shrine to King Lear? And the Olin Center as an archive of information on Arthurian Legend? Laughable at best!

Other than that I’ve just been sticking to pages like Sharpeworld and Coudal Partners for wasting time. The links here are marvelous. I’ve also been visiting Plep a little bit, but not as much as much of the content isn’t personally that interesting to me. One recent favorite is the Japanese park animals gallery.

Back in reality I’m finishing up my finals. All I have left is my Differential Equations exam.

Somehow I busted up my laptop. Thanks to Dell’s great service plan that I have bought into through my college, however, I have gotten, for free, a completely new plastic shell, touchpad, and motherboard for my laptop. And all just because my USB port was busted. No questions asked. I feel spoiled, but I am paying for it I guess.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy