Today I’m feeling creative. Maybe it’s the great amount of light outside reflecting off of the snow. Maybe it’s the fact that my classes are winding down. Maybe not.

Today my Moby tickets arrived! Moby is holding a concert this Wednesday at the Paradise Rock Club in Boston. This is where I saw Fountains of Wayne a couple weekends back. This should prove to be a good show, because Moby mentioned in his online journal that he is going to play his older more electronic songs. He’ll also have been off tour for a week at home in New York City, so he should be even more energetic than ever. Moby is also not only the headliner, but the only act playing. This means he will get all sorts of time to try new things and wow the crowd. Plus, the Paradise is such a cozy venue, where it’s literally impossible to stand more than about 30 feet from the stage. The show was sold out right after I decided to go, so I perused eBay for people reselling tickets. However, I found them pricey, so I emailed a guy whose auction didn’t sell and made him an offer and now have two tickets in my possession.

I went to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. The first night ended in a controversy that lead Jon, Austin, and I to leave Rima’s birthday party. That’s all I will say for now. Later that week, I bought a Korg Electribe EM-1 Music Production Station, a type of half-drum machine half-synthesizer little sound unit, at Mars Music, which is going out of business and having a huge sale. I literally watched it get marked down from 30% to 40% off. That’s like 40 bucks less. My brothers and I are going to form a band and try to record some music over Christmas break. Jon plays bass and (increasingly) guitar, while Kyle plays drums.

I’ve been sleeping a lot lately. My naps are dominating my days now. I’ve got to learn to stay awake.

My mom enters a lot of contests (or “sweeps”, if you’re so inclined). She wins about four or five contests a month now! The most significant prize won is an MP3 player. Now she’s got me hooked on Lee Dungarees Pants of Chance. This is the best slot machine ever. Free credits, and you might win oysters or tube socks. What could be better?!

Fear the Clown named one of my songs Song of the Day a couple weeks ago. Three of my friends used to be in a band named (at times) Pivot and (at other times) Shamespiral. I wrote a little ambient song entitled (creatively) “Shamespiral Intro” that was used to introduce their final two shows. I’ll throw it up on my Grant Music page in a bit.

I’ve added some pictures to my Grant Pictures page.

I’m about to go to bed so I can take the Putnam Exam tomorrow. The snow everywhere reflects the moonlight and makes it feel like day. This will be an adventure. I prefer to sleep in total sensory deprivation myself.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy