Everything's on the up and up.

Right now I'm in between classes. This morning I had my Arts and Humanities course, "Bodies in Motion", which is all about immigration and stuff like that. It's really great to learn about early 1900s life. I also like having a class with Babson students (and a Babson professor) in it.

Later this afternoon I have Engineering Computing, which is a course all about using computers to receive inputs and control things. Our homework last night was to write programs that record sound and then play it back. We also made some that are triggered by clapping. This should be one of my favorite courses this year. We're going to do other things like control hot plates based on the temperature and stuff like that.

Yesterday my team of four started building a structure for our ASME Design Contest courses. In other words, we are all operating dangerous machinery. I'm now trained on the circular saw, jigsaw, drill, and router. I must say I enjoy it, although I can really tell that I'm going to be an ECE major.

Over the weekend I went into Boston proper, or actually Cambridge I guess. While in the land of the Cantabrigian we frequented the Tower Records in Harvard Square. They have a section of singles (almost half of which are imports) that are priced quite surprisingly low, so I picked up about 5 or 6 CDs each under 3 dollars. That's less than the price of an album nowadays it seems. I also bought an Atari Teenage Riot vinyl EP and a couple of DVDs, namely Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy and the Prodigy's new video "Baby's Got a Temper".

And all day long I listen to Radio FG.

For now, it's lunch time!

Grant Hutchins @nertzy