Pretty much everything is done!

Not really, but I don’t have much to do anymore. I got my EC lab written up.

In other news, our Project class is wrapping up with the ASME ramp project and moving on to new projects because we feel that we should be covering more material than we are. I am currently brainstorming some project ideas, including one that might involve developing a product with Jay Gantz to possibly try to get to market. Depends on how ambitious I’m feeling. We have a good idea that might be profitable, or might not even be possible. We’re through with calculus in my Mathematical Foundations in Engineering I course, so now we’re starting Differential Equations. I am quite happy for that, as I haven’t really had any new math for three years now.

Dan Frey, the Professor for our Project class, recently decided to leave Olin and go to MIT to head a high-profile design class that involves robots and some sort of competitive edge. It often makes it onto television shows like Scientific American Frontiers. The MIT course has previously been run by Woodie Flowers, who used to host Scientific American Frontiers and is currently shared by both Olin and MIT. We’ll all miss Dan but it sounds like a wonderful opportunity that he definitely deserves.

Sheeva and I are going to the Fountains of Wayne concert on Sunday! Fountains of Wayne are great. Every song I’ve ever heard from them sticks in my head and I know all the lyrics even though I don’t try.

Also, today Nicole invited me to go with Jesus and Kathleen to a cabin in Ipswich for Friday night. I think it should be fun. I’ve never been to Ipswich and frankly I’m not sure where it is. It’s an hour away.

November 11, 2002
But Kathleen was busy so Kori ended up coming instead. Why is this important? I have this strange obsession with who is with me and where they are situated in relation to me. I often have dreams where I can only remember sitting with a group of people at a table. I remember where each person sat and somehow it seems quite important to me. Just one of those things.

In other words, I am quite busy this weekend and I’ll get a Physics test tomorrow that’s due Monday. I hopefully will get it done tomorrow night. Then there’s the Calculus test I get tomorrow as well, but isn’t due until Wednesday. It all compounds.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy