Will everything ever be done?

I have shown up approximately 2 minutes late to each and every class this week, which is quite embarrassing. I also haven't been getting much sleep. Oh well. I'm getting all my work done, even if it means spending four evenings out of my week trying to get data for my silly lab.

Nicole and I are currently trying to measure the temperature of a hot plate and a cup of water being heated by the hot plate. We wrote a program in MATLAB that measures the temperature and then controls the hot plate so that the water ends up at exactly 50 degrees Celsius.

Other than that, I'm leaving for the Big Apple late tomorrow night. I'm excited because Tucker and I are going to a really nice Mexican restaurant. Dan, Tucker, and I went to Taco Bell after the Area 2 show and it was like manna sent from heaven. Other than that we don't get much Mexican food up here. When I say that, however, I am lying through my teeth. Our dining hall makes some really good tacos and nachos and whatnot, as per our request. We have the freaking best dining hall on the planet.

Jam Master Jay was killed today. He was influential in early 80s hip-hop and as the DJ for Run-DMC helped pioneer much of what music is like today. He was not a gangster/thug/idiot. He leaves behind a wife and three children. It comes as a shock to see him go, as there seems to be no reason for anyone to have a grudge against him. He was shot while in the recording studio. News stories compare it to Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. but there really is no comparison, as those two had lifestyles that put their lives at risk anyway.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy