hey! k. sitting.

Austin made an AI bot for AIM. You can talk to him and he will spit out a mish-mash of words that other people have said to him. IM him at A35U. If it says anything offensive, don't blame Austin. It only says what it learns from other people.

I'm writing some C code to prove to the EC professors that I can program and therefore don't need to sit through the C lectures. Sounds good to me! The program takes the numbers 1-9 in order and using only the operators + and * finds the value 2002. For instance, "1+23+456*7*89" equals something that isn't 2002, but if it did then my program would show that it works. Anyway they're having us write it in emacs in Linux. What better way to program than in a foreign text editor on a foreign operating system.

Tonight I'm going to the CS Discussion Group, which meets weekly. We discuss computer science type stuff. Last week I was the host and did a presentation on security.

Other than that I need to pack for New York and get music ready for the big Olin Halloween party this Friday night. I'm the DJ.

You know what's cool? This is. Watch the Full Live Demo if you have twenty minutes to burn. Jon D., you'll like this. I entered to win the contest. Everyone enter the contest and if you win, give it to me and I'll write you a song and name it after you. Also, if you want to donate $1795 to the Get Grant an MC-909 Groovebox fund, I'd be much obliged.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy