Another day, another dollar.

I'm eating Trader Joe's Shredded Bite Size Wheats while waiting my turn for the shower. I'm about to go to Project class with Dan Frey where I'm going to work with my team on our design for the ASME Design Competition. The contest is to see how much rice we can move up a ramp by using only the energy from 2 liters of water that drain out of a bucket about a meter or so off the ground.

Anyway, I'll get into more detail later, as Dan (Lindquist this time) is now getting out of the shower.

Yesterday Jon Denmark was talking to me about how he had just learned that his grandparents read his webpage. Not more than two hours later my dad called to check up on me and offhand mentioned that my grandparents read my webpage. On the same day.

I'm thinking about going to the Fountains of Wayne show a week from this Sunday. Their music has been in my head for the last two 24-hour cycles. I sent out an email to Sheeva and Brian so I could catch up with my webpage's two greatest (only?) fans. I'm gonna see Sheeva in a couple weeks which is good since it's been forever. I just got an email from good ol' Brian Morrow. I've been catching up with him and he's doing good. He's inspiring me to start an Olin academic team. I think we need one, and I'm ready to start it and be captain if need be.

Other than that I'm reading Richard Wright's Black Boy for my Bodies in Motion class. Aiee! I have to read 384 pages. Oh well at least I enjoy it.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy