There's a lot going on, but also not much.

I'm going to NYC next weekend with Kathleen (Dupaya). I'm going to meet up with my good friend Tucker, who goes to Columbia University. I'm very excited because on Saturday night I will be seeing the Chemical Brothers! The Chemmies are the number one ultimate best most wanted band for me to go see in concert ever, so hopefully this will be good. I've already missed the opportunity to see their shows four times. While I was in Paris, they played two shows in London. While I was in London, they played a show in Paris. They had their first US tour in three years, but only came as close as New York. I planned a trip to go down to see them, but then couldn't find a ticket after they sold out. Now, finally, they are playing another final show in New York. (The only show only according to their itinerary) This means that this show is some sort of special occasion, so I won't be seeing them in the tour mode where they're playing shows each night. Hmm, sounds like a good opportunity to debut some new material, eh?

Save Karyn. Don't save Karyn.

I just got back from the Knight Party at Pepsico Gymnasium. I don't know why it's a Knight party when it's not at Knight Auditorium, but it is. That's Babson for ya. Anyway I had fun until they played Rednex's "Cottoneye Joe". Whoever wrote that song should be shot! I refuse to dance to it.

October 29, 2002
My mom reminded me that "Cotton-eyed Joe" is an old song that's been around for centuries and has been recorded many times over the years. Let's all hope the next person who does makes a much better song than, shudder, Rednex.

I'm DJing a party at Olin this weekend (right before I leave for New York). I think I'll play some U96 and a track or two from Fatboy Slim's "On the Floor at the Boutique" mix album. It's always good to play good has-been music.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy