Two more days.

For lunch I had McDonald's. It was fun. I hadn't been in awhile. I ordered the Double Cheeseburger Meal, confusing it for the Two Cheeseburger Meal. I guess I'm just that unobservant, at least at McDonald's. I've been using ketchup on my fries again lately. I went many years with no ketchup. It was somewhat nice to taste the potatoes more. Now ketchup is exciting again, however. I enjoy it. I guess that's the secret to enjoying life. Artificially prevent yourself from doing something, then do it after a long enough delay. It makes life more interesting.

Today I was all over the place. From the (old) ECE Lab to the (fake) IT room on the (real) campus, I ran around with the Linux Posse. The Linux Posse is Gill, Brian, Ben, and I. We stormed on into IT and told them how to partition the machines. We were quite the vigilantes, I must say. I also met Aaron, the new Linux/Unix admin. Well anyway we had trouble figuring out how to do it, so I gave up and left.

While I was up there, I helped Adam and Rod move Jesus and Adam's big table to its final resting place. The table is filled with memorabilia from last year. Jesus joking said he could make anything (including a coffeetable) for his art project last year. Well, it morphed quickly from a joke to actuality, and it's a beauty. The History and Mystery of Mars - Episode 4 is on there, as is the tiny vase Adina gave me before she had to return to Transylvania.

I saw the first new students arriving today, Ben Bloom and Mikell Taylor. There will be a large flood of people coming in tomorrow. Joy! Both the emotion, and the Olin student.

I'm going camping! The Olin Outing Club is going to stay the night up on the border between New Hampshire and Maine. Afterwards will be a hike up some mountain, which I may or may not do, considering my strange shallow breath syndrome.

Cough, cough.

I packed a ton of stuff today. Tomorrow I'll finish up the little things, and the next day I'm out of temporary housing once and for all!

Grant Hutchins @nertzy