Tired. So very tired.

Today was quite a long day. It all started simply enough, with yet another day of toying around with op-amps and such. Then Sara barged in and abducted me from Ben.

We went to get the Olin Honor Code back from the framing company. The framing company on the way to Framingham, that is. We got there and had to pick out a blue for the matte. The workers very visibly wanted to slack off, so we ran off to Wendy's and both had Spicy Chicken Sandwiches.

As we were leaving, there was a guy who drove by with the letters WOW who held up a card that said "WOW" to Sara. It stands for "Whip Out Wednesdays". It's from the Opie and Anthony radio show, which seems to be drivel. Essentially when a girl sees this on a Wednesday, she's supposed to flash the guy back. Yeah, that'll be really successful.

After Wendy's, we picked up the Honor Code, along with the wrong frame for the [secret Orientation 2002 activity deleted]. I got to deliver the Honor Code to the new campus and see the Campus Center again.

Bret, Alex, and Julie are now here. Along with Susan, they've moved to the real residence hall. They are this year's R2's. I never thought I'd see the day when Olin students would live in real buildings.

After work, I was instantly pulled along to go eat at the Cheesecake Factory. Only, it didn't work out. The wait for our unannounced group of fourteen would have been a couple hours, so we instead went to Papa Razzi across the street. Yes, two words. Anyway I highly suggest it. The food was great and they worked very hard to seat us within about 20 minutes. Plus I got to have garlic!

Mmm, garlic. It's healthy for you, you know.

After that I packed a lot of stuff. It's going to take a lot of boxes, as my room is filled with tons of crap. The hardest part is pretty much out of the way, though.

Have you heard the song from the new artist Mario? Yes, " Just a Friend 2002". Well I don't like it! They took a wonderful Biz Markie song and did a cover. Well, it's not so much of a cover as taking the chorus from a humorous sarcastic song and making it into a sappy R&B tune. I must say I am appalled. The original is one of those few videos I remember watching and loving from MTV back around 1989 when I first discovered music videos. It's right up there with Deee-Lite's "Groove is in the Heart" (which I have on vinyl, no less). DJ Towa Tei is the coolest! The lead singer, Lady Miss Kier, is now a DJ as well. So that, along with Supa DJ Dmitry, makes every member of the band an active DJ right now.


Grant Hutchins @nertzy