Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Sometimes you just gotta let the nerd out of yourself.

I generally try to adopt a nerd-free attitude on life, but today was an unusual situtation. I started by wearing my RAM necklace that Gary made for me back in Mr. Gowen's class.

Later in the day, while I was marking up the C tutorial into validating HTML, just as a nerd might do, Sean pulled me aside with a few people to take a picture for the new Olin Library website. Like the nerd I am, I picked up 2600 and started reading it for the picture.

The plot really thickened when yesterday's plan worked out. Olin made Slashdot!!! It really killed our website. Traffic halted to a stand-still. I was pretty happy with the hundreds of comments that came pouring in after the article got posted. Sean and I frantically worked to dispel rumors and generally share our experiences with the Slashdot community.

Anyway, Grant Page Central was the recipient of direct attacks! I must say I find it highly entertaining. Maybe I shouldn't have glorified this flame with a response, but I had a lot to say. Hopefully I was fairly professional about it.

Also, some MIT students want to throw a party with us now that they discovered us on Slashdot. I know it's scary to imagine making social connections with MIT through Slashdot, but I still think it has a good chance of working out! (NERD ALERT!)

In other news, Sara and I ate at Pacini's today. We both had the lasagna. Very cool.

I saw Tucker for the last time today. He's off to New York and Columbia University on Sunday; until then he's back in Oklahoma City. How ironic, he's in OKC and I'm in Boston. We talked about Einstein's Theories of Relativity for a while and he took off. We've been getting in long discussions lately. It's healthy. You should try it.

I'm starting to really think television is dumb. From defending my blog today to engaging in long conversations, I must say the human factor is much more important than watching the boob tube. I know I watch it a lot, but I at least try to do more productive things. If you ask someone what the best thing they did while watching TV was, I bet it's a ton worse than the best thing they've done without TV.

I've starting ripping down my posters and packing some stuff up. With only three packing days left, time is of the essence for sure.

Sheesh! I'm pooped! I'm going to bed!

Grant Hutchins @nertzy