Yet another day in Needham.

There has been a preponderance of food here at Olin. We feasted today yet again, trying to get rid of all this excess food. My parents pointed out I talk about food a lot on here. Yes, my parents do read this on a regular basis. Blogging is a great way to both record what you've done and communicate it to friends and family.

I'm looking for a nice lampshade. Last year I had an extra lightbulb lying around so I bought the most minimalist lamp I could find for it. It is literally a metal pole with a lightbulb on top, nothing more. I even left it out without a lampshade to be really minimalist. Now my goal is to find (or create?) a clear yet polarized (think sunglasses) lampshade that only lets light come through at certain angles. Unfortunately, a Google search for " minimalist clear polarized lampshade" returns zero results. I guess I just really want to be passé. I saw this great lampshade in Wired magazine for 26 dollars, which I found reasonable, but the website says you have to order in sets of two. That's pretty dumb. They lost my sale.

Today Tucker came over and played Warcraft III with the Olinites. He writes a lot of webpages for Quik Internet. We both use the same HTML editor, HTML-Kit. That surprised us both. He's leaving for Oklahoma City on Wednesday, then getting back Saturday night and going straight to NYC on Saturday to move in. I hope to visit him soon.

I've busted my Handspring Visor Prism. Luckily my dad got these "bonus points" from his employer (or should I say, they gave him points in lieu of actual money) that can go towards a new Palm m515. I hope it's good; it looks like it is. Sometimes I can't help feeling like the spoiled kid getting a new toy when his old one broke. There was a guy at my high school who totalled his Corvette convertible (or whatever) and so his parents bought him a Hummer the next day. Oh well, at least in my case I use the thing constantly. Anyone here can vouch for that. I use my PDA on a very daily basis, mostly for actual useful things. Plus, it's hard to say no when there's no actual money involved. These silly points won't spend themselves, and hardly hold their value.

Companies losing my sale, points that don't hold their value... Today's update has been very economically depressing. Hope there is an upturn soon. Doesn't look like anyone else does.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy