Today was spent in Hudson, NH.

Susan invited us all to her house for a pool party. It was grand. We had lots of food and horsed around in the water for many hours on end. Afterwards we went to the Old Homes Days carnival thing. Other than the power going out, there wasn't too much going on, so we went back to Susan's house and vented some frustration over construction issues and the process of moving in next week.

Good times.

I've been getting a lot more exercise recently. Last thursday I played Olin Pick Up Basketball (O'Pub). I wore my Japanese headband so I could look cool like Ryu. I know he's a street fighter, not a basketball player, but then again this isn't the NBA. After basketball and also after swimming today I'm starting to notice I'm short of breath. I hope this is more because of just being out of shape lately and less because of something asthmatic.

On a complete sidenote, performing the Heimlich maneuver can be good for asthma relief. I've become a bit of a fan of Henry Heimlich, after seeing some TV specials on him. He advocates replacing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation with the Heimlich manuever, which actually makes sense once you see the statistics.

My other hero is Douglas Engelbart, inventor of the computer mouse and other things we take for granted. His was the second computer on what would become the Internet! Think about how useful a one-machine Internet is for a bit. I can't really vouch for that last fact, though, I just remember hearing about it once. Here I am propogating a silly rumor.

Now I shall propogate myself to bed.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy