It's 3 AM and I'm writing this from in my bed.

Today was yet another fulfilling day at Olin College. I finished up the ANSI C Tutorial HTML job. Now all I have to do is add all 17 appendices.

For lunch I had the best chicken pot pie ever. The top half was mashed potatoes. It was a microwave version of course but it was quite tasty to say the least. I washed it down with some Moxie, the classic New England soda and oldest marketed carbonated beverage in the United States. It leaves such a bitter taste in your mouth, but it's so many differing flavors you can't resist taking another sip.

For dinner we all went to Rachel Weinstock's house. She's our Director of Financial Services. We had some burgers and hot dogs. We had the inevitable discussion on how New England hot dog buns are top-loading, while everywhere else they are side-loading.

Yes, it's true.

We got back to the dorm and found that Ann Marie is back. Nicole had arrived just prior to the barbecue. Thus begins the mass exodus of students back to Olin, culminating in the first meeting of all 75 students (since Candidate Weekend) this Saturday.

Saturday, August 18, 2002
Dan just reminded me that 11 of the Virtual Partners weren't at the Candidate Weekend, so this will actually be the first meeting of all 75 students ever.
Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Kate just pointed out to me that it's hard to have an exodus back somewhere. Very true.

I once watched a video from this site trying to convince me to join in on some strange IT venture pyramid scheme thing. See if it frightens you away too.

The world is filled with cruft. Sometimes I just sit back and notice how many things around us are a product of ideas that were never really taken to full fruition. The cheap silverware I eat with isn't designed that well. The spoon is very flat. They could have made the spoons much better, but they didn't. They got lazy and put out a quick product. There is no good reason the spoons couldn't have had a better curve to them. Millions of Wal Mart shoppers are stuck eating off these a set of this detritus of the Earth.

And here I am up at 3:41 AM writing a webpage about nothing. The irony.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy