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I saw the new campus today!!! I went to the Campus Center to help Sara move some boxes for the Office of Student Life. I got to look around quite a lot. We didn't get to go to West Roxbury to pick up the Honor Code, however. That would have been fun, although if we overshot and went to Roxbury we would have been shot or something, at least according to advice we were given.

Dan is playing Warcraft III. I was watching for a while. They play this map called Save the WTC Beta! that is very sad. It's so bad, so terrible. It's definitely something awful.

I started packing my room up for the Big Move. Ten days from now the updates will be coming from the Residence Hall on Olin Way. Our buildings have the address "Olin Way" without any numbers. I've also seen versions that say "1000 Olin Way", so I'm confused. I like the name though. It's like, we do things the Olin Way. As long as it's not some sort of cult we're doing OK.

I'm "webifying" the Olin College C Tutorial on the job now. Maybe it will be public, and people can learn C from the comforts of their own homes. Of course there are a billion others out there, but I'm sure people would come to ours because of the wonderful design.

Not that you're interested or anything.

Dan showed me this webpage that hosts Photoshop competitions. Essentially some guy makes a Photoshop pic, then the other guy fights back by editing the pic, then it goes back and forth until there have been ten versions. There is running commentary and score is awarded. All this in a time limit.

Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link

I don't know if I'll ever live that last paragraph down.

Steve just called my webpage bad. Go look at his and compare! OK, his does have more penguins; I guess I did lose this battle. But how about a match of Photoshop Tennis?

Grant Hutchins @nertzy