It's alive!

Or more accurately, it's not. While Joles, Kate, Will, and I were returning from Borders, we joked about roadkill. Our joking was a little premature, as two minutes later we hit an opossum. Dead. At least it wasn't a deer.

Everyone at Olin has been enjoying their newfound Borders coupons. I bought Stereolab's latest album (to my knowledge), Sound-Dust, for half price. Any Stereolab album is worth buying. I own three now. Stereolab is a little strange. I saw them with Dan and Jesus earlier this year at Avalon. They use Moog synthesizers and trombones and normal instruments. Very well, I might add. Also, whenever they release vinyl singles, they only make a limited number. Sure, they've released dozens, but every time you see one, it's like you just gotta buy one, since you'll never see that one again. I have several I found in Europe, and one I found in Oklahoma City.

Today I helped Sara make a wonderful kickin' Word template. It was freaking awesome.

The last CD I bought before today was Deadsy's Commencement. Deadsy is a weird hybrid between 80s new wave and late 90s-present quasi-goth nu-metal. They also prominently feature synthesizers. The lead singer is P. Exeter Blue, who just happens to be the son of Cher and Robert Altman. They do a cover of Rush's "Tom Sawyer" that has confused many people into believing they were listening to the original. Each band member has a color and theme. P. Exeter Blue's theme is academia (how's that for a metal band?) and his color is International Klein Blue. Yes, IKB! No wonder I like it.

August 16, 2002
It turns out that it was really Greg Allman, of the Allman Brothers. To repay you, here is a bonus Deadsy link.

Today work was slow. Tomorrow the stuff is moving to the real campus! My job is quickly going to change. The Campus Center has been given a temporary unofficial occupancy permit, to hold us over until it gets the real one in a few days. This is a great thing, since we need to move in and only have 14 days left before classes start. The Classroom Building and Residence Hall are still lagging. Let's home I have somewhere to live a week from Saturday!

Erin emailed me yesterday. She said she heard from TC. I need to get in contact with him. She said he might want to visit before school starts, but at this rate it won't happen. Right now I'm completely out of touch with him.

While at Borders, I looked through all the books. For some reason, only science books interest me. I don't care for fiction. I only like reading fact, especially about math, physics, or computers. Music too, I guess. We really need a library. We have a pretend library over in the MAC that carries 2600. I think that's so cool.

My motherboard's stupid built-in sound card won't work. In Linux, at least. It autodetects it fine, but then nothing happens and the sound server fails. Great. I'll just go buy a cheapo Sound Blaster 16. Dan got this program from Linux that emulates two 303s, an 808, and a 909. It's very nice. And free.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy