It has that certain I don't know what.

Today I slaved away in the ECE lab. Will and I spent several hours clearing off all the benches so they can be shipped up to the real campus tomorrow morning. This was quite a laborious task. We found all sorts of things from as early as Mod I.

Jeff and I went to Bagels' Best for lunch. I had the roast beef bagel sandwich and boy that mustard sure cleared my sinuses. The office sure is empty lately, now that Sean and Adam are gone. Adam left his door unlocked. Dan put the Eazee Squeeze jalapeño cheese food spread thing onto Adam's bed, creating a fun surprise for him when he gets back.

I'll be getting my huge Chemical Brothers poster in the mail soon. It's full subway ad size. Jesse brought it back for me from USC last year.

I have been finding that very random people read this page. For instance, my mom reads this. I find that very interesting considering I didn't tell anyone about my page. Perhaps she saw it in my AIM profile. More likely, Kyle showed it to her. I wouldn't put anything past her, however, because she is one of the more tech-savvy mothers out there.

We threw a surprise birthday party for Kate today. Afterwards Joles showed us her big whip. She has a big buggy whip for some reason. We used it to break the sound barrier.

I'm going to take off my socks. Socks make me feet incredibly hot. That is frustrating. So I'll take them off.

I've been trying to avoid making these posts tedious and boring.

Today, Steve, Dan and I went to the Firebirds Grill. We all love Firebirds because they love us Olin kids. The manager came over and chatted with us when she saw my Olin shirt. It turns out that Olin's mascot is the most famous firebird, the Phoenix. They have "Phoenix Wings" at Firebirds. Also, we are both located in Needham. To add insult to injury, Firebirds offers Frank's Hot Sauce on every table. Olin's first name is Frank. Go figure.

Sheeva is cool. Go visit her livejournal sometime. She's going to the Le Tigre concert. GRRRRR!

OK, that's enough for today. Maybe later I'll tell you a fun story from my past. I'm sorry that you guys have to put up with the fact that I write these all late at night right before I go to bed. It causes me to favor things that happen later in the day and are fresher in my memory. Also, my mindset is generally the same this late at night. Oh well, I have a day job.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy