Five for a floppy?

Today I went to the PC Show and bought a bunch of stuff. I got a new case, motherboard, power supply, processor, and floppy drive. And I didn't buy a single one at the listed price. Let's hear it for haggling! I feel like quite the barterer. For those of you who haven't tried haggling, the rush that comes afterwards is infectious. Of course I used this opportunity to live up to my nerd status and not only build it myself, but also install SuSE Linux. And not from some sissy CDs or DVD; I used three floppies to get enough on there to install by FTP. So there!

Other than that I cleaned up one of our dryers. It turns out that Ajay, our RA, or more accurately the guy who lives here and hasn't interacted with a single soul all year, put his boots in the dryer, leaving it quite marked. This was before I got here. The other students gave him an ultimatum. He never did clean it up, however, so Will and I found ourselves doing it instead. He just got back today from Oregon, his home.

Adam is leaving tomorrow. Back to Vermont! He put together our recycling program. Leighton is leaving too. I think he said he's going to Canada. His parents are in the area for awhile, so he'll be pretty busy for the next week or so.

Right now I'm installing lots of Free Software using Ximian Red Carpet. It's pretty easy. I like free things.

We watched Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory today. Yes, we watched Willy Wonka. To be more accurate, I slept through most of it.

A lot of people are gone this weekend. Sara, Susan (for a while), Adam and Leighton (soon), Jeff (who lives at home 5 miles away, not here at Olin), Steve and Susan (again) (just for the day tomorrow) (New Jersey), and Nicole. Will better make up for them, being the only new arrival.

The school year is creeping up on us. Everyone is so excited to see fresh new faces. We're actually going to have enough people to have some semblence of parties and clubs and social activities. We also don't have to keep calling ourselves prefreshmen. That got old fast. Now we can pretend to be new freshmen unadjusted to college life.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy