It seems you know me both inside and out.

Today I ate at Cafe Sol Azteca, a pretty nice Mexican restaurant. I must say it's not really a lot like the Tex-Mex I'm used to, so I assume it's more like actual Mexico food. The name at least implies a more centrally located Mexican cuisine. Mmm, Tenochtitlan. The salsa was milder and sweeter than my On The Border fare from a couple days ago, and comes highly recommended. I was pretty happy when Dan asked me how to say "beans" in Spanish and I subconsciously thought "frijoles". I don't know very much Spanish, and I thought I was wrong, but Chris confirmed that I was right.

Today we watched three episodes of Star Trek. I must admit straightforwardly that I used to be very into Star Trek. I know, I know. Well it was fun because everyone currently here had seen pretty much every episode before so we had plenty of opportunity to heckle it. Being a proto-engineer causes me to see through the tech mumbo-jumbo, but it's fun to watch nonetheless.

Work was pretty basic today. I spent 6.5 hours working on a document. That can get old.

Now my mom is a finalist for Millionaire also. She drove up to Tulsa to take the test, so now both of my parents have a relatively small chance of making it on to the now daily syndicated show. I hope it comes near Boston soon!

Tomorrow I'm going to the PC Show. I'm going to check prices on New Egg first. New Egg is a great place to get components. I've only heard good reviews, and the prices are reasonable if not superior. If I find cheaper stuff at the show, however, I'm going for it.

The ECE lab is moving from the MAC to campus on Tuesday. This means I will quickly move from a desk job to a hard labor job. I get to lug boxes!

CNN has a ton of user-submitted designs for a WTC memorial. Most of them are quite pitiful. Dan is constantly emailing me ones that outbad the previous entries as they are released each day. In our Art IS class during the Partner Year, several students and I designed WTC and Pentagon memorial ideas. Mine was more of an idea than an actual physical design, taking only a piece of paper in the stead of a real model.

I also built a theremin for the class. The theremin is the first electronic instrument, which you play by waving your hands toward and away from a pitch antenna and a volume antenna. It is very difficult indeed. You can play every tiny microtone between notes, although that is difficult as there is a four-octave range over about a foot and a half of space. This makes for crazy glissandos. Theremins were popularized (and trivialized) by their use in 50s-era cheesy B horror and space movies.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy