Drink from the punchbowl of knowledge.

Today my job required unusual things of me. I spent hours helping to form some grading policy for our grading proposal. I also listened to one of the candidates for the position of our new librarian. She gave us all postcards with stamps on them so we could write back to her in Oregon. Great idea.

Jesse has some cool pictures on his site. You should check them out sometime. He once did a photo shoot for the up-and-coming R&B star Sharissa. Right now he goes to USC and is a film major.

Earlier today I promised myself that I wouldn't spend so much time on mundane details of my life and devote more time to abstract thoughts. Dan and I have long abstract discussions into the wee hours pretty much every night. Right now I'm spending the wee hours writing this, however. Of course I don't know what abstract is supposed to mean in this context. Maybe I'll just tell old stories instead.

I'm listening to Beck's Odelay right now. My fifth album ever. Dan is talking to me about some Flash museum installation they have in New York City. It reminds me of the Praystation exhibit at London's Design Museum. Joshua Davis is a Flash master. He pretty much rules the world while everyone else catches up. He once sold the entire contents of his hard drive, including personal files and unreleased Flash code, in a limited-edition box set.

While at the museum, I bought a book about fontography. I hope to write a font someday. I might be able to convince the college to give me credit for it. (or perhaps just recognition on my transcript)

Every student currently at Olin went to Rod's house today. Rod Crafts is our Dean of Student Life. He has a wonderful backyard that is on a small cliff and has many levels of ground with chairs set up so you can look down over the gardens below. We had burgers.

The new students (and all the old ones too) arrive in a couple weeks. We all can't wait.

Look for some of my music over the next few days on this site. I've been meaning to make a new section dedicated to my music and some MP3s. The RIAA can just cry, because they have no power over my music. I used to go by the moniker Citron, but now I'm just simply Grant Hutchins. Keep that in mind when referring to my music. I've been meaning to tell Jon about this for some time now.

Speaking of, Jon asked me for the original Photoshop file for one of the little logos on his page. He's making stationery I heard. Watch out for some new stuff soon.

While I'm in the mood for plugging old friends, check out Tucker's new DJ mix, "Trance 8.8.02". He's amazing at mixing. My favorite transition is the one in "Electronic 5.28.02" from Crystal Method's "Busy Child" to Orbital's "An Fhomhair". Simply amazing stuff.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy