Yet another day at the school called Olin.

I worked again today, as usual. Part of the day was spent watching a video of crazily efficient wooden wall-mounted kinetic sculptures with some classmates and Woodie Flowers. One of the cohorts at Olin will be working on kinetic sculptures similar to these but most undoubtedly less ambitious. The sculptures from the video could run for ten hours on a tiny wind of a wheel.

Nicole was going to fly to Oregon today, but when her plane took off, one of the engines started emitting flames so it landed and she has to fly out tomorrow very early in the morning. She talked very nonchalantly about it.

This summer I didn't do much of consequence. One thing I am proud of, however, was working with Jon on an anti-drug PSA television commercial he made. He's going to try to sell it to companies or churches to put their logo on in the final scene. I went to see him at OCCC and we went to lunch at Taco Bell. Afterwards, I created a sound file for them to use in the video. It was the sound of a coffin closing, followed by an echo. I made the sound from a bass drum dropped a couple octaves. It was a fun task; hopefully I can work like this in the future, possibly for pay. I did get a 2-channel Gemini mixer out of the whole deal.

I broke out the first large jar of On The Border salsa today. It has a very meaty, rich flavor to it. I highly suggest it if it's sold in your area. Sean sure seemed to like it. I think he's addicted like me.

Only 18 days until the new freshmen come! I just realized the school will more than double (from 30 to 75) this year, and it will also more than double (75 to ~175) next year. What school does that?

On Saturday I'm going to the PC Show to look for parts for my Linux desktop server I plan on purchasing. Dan and I spent hours trying to set up his NVidia card some more, with no luck.

Today Sara and I went out onto the back deck and did something odd. She took a measuring bowl full of 2 cups of water and poured some on the bottoms of my feet. I think walked around and she looked at the footprints to note how flat my feet are. We then both stepped in a puddle thus formed and did a side-by-side comparison.

For lunch I made mashed potatoes, but put too much water in it (continuing the wasteful water use theme). Luckily I had some potato chips to crumble and put into it. It may sound odd but I enjoyed it.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy