Happy birthday, Mom!

Today started out with Dan and I attempting to configure his new install of SuSE Linux to support 3D rendering with his NVidia GeForce4. Soon after that, Dan left to go to the Foundation of Teaching Economics dinner over at Babson College Needham/Wellesley Room. His aunt helped found it or something like that, so he got a free dinner.

Nicole asked me if I wanted to go to the wildlife refuge with her, so I did. The strange Brazilian driving instructor wasn't there, so Nicole was happy. Anyway, we discovered that you're supposed to pay to enter and that the refuge actually has nine miles of trails, not just the quarter- to half-mile or so we expected. We saw some turtles and various other wildlife, including menacing flies that drove us out.

Shortly thereafter, the Dan and I got another free dinner across the parking lot at the MAC. Leslie organized a dinner from Vinny Testa's so that we could discuss how to get ready for internship opportunities next year. After that, Leighton, Dan, Steve, Chris and I joined Jeff and Katie to see Austin Powers 3, which wasn't sold out this time. Austin Powers movies are becoming methodical and unfunny in some parts, although we had a fun time.

Grant Hutchins @nertzy